A Private Studio in the Santa Monica Mountains specializing in World Class Geometric, Blackwork & Dotwork Tattoo Art

Making beautiful custom tattoos is what we do. We welcome clients from all over the world to our sanctuary, a warm and friendly environment, that is best described as a buzzing hive of creativity.



Designed by Roxx

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The studio is just as much a design as the tattoo work, open, spacious, spotless and a place where art is work. We make unique works of art on your most precious canvas.


Featured Yelp Reviews

  • "I made my appointment with Cats about eight months before I actually got my tattoo, and to say that the wait was worth it is a huge understatement. 2spirit is a really special studio, and Cats is a lovely person and a beautiful artist. It's been almost a year since I got my tattoo and I still couldn't be happier with it. Thank you so much!!!!"

    Helen L. San Francisco, CA
  • "This place truly is the hidden gem of this city. The shop is owned and operated by the legendary Roxx, who has paved the way for all tattoo artists in the history of tattooing. The studio is a beautiful example of this, from the aforementioned privacy from the busy world outside, to the calm spa like environment. A little slice of heaven..."

    Tucker D. Greensboro, NC
  • "Everything geared towards the client experience. The level of expertise and execution is astonishing. Simply the best tattoo choice I could have made for myself and would recommend to all. Thank you Roxx, Cats, Houston and Ben."

    Dan M. Columbus, OH