Roxx’s early sketches of horses led to her interest in tattooing – first in her hometown of London as a teen and a punk in the 1980s, then in Edinburgh and Amsterdam. Roxx now owns and operates 2Spirit Tattoo, a zen modern art space in the heart of San Francisco.

Roxx’s world-renowned blackwork and dotwork tattoos have earned her an international following. Her style embraces the particular dynamism of the human body. Indigenous art, architecture, ritual, and the divine forms of sacred geometry are all incorporated into her singular, unparalleled design work.


Immersed in the tattoo world since her early teens, Cats’ fascination with the process of mark making has taken her around the world, from her native England and now to San Francisco, with a number of pit stops along the way. She gained her Bachelors of Fine Art at Goldsmiths, London, and Masters also in Fine Art at Parsons, NYC. Cats’ broad and varied artistic and cultural experience provides her a unique perspective and approach to each tattoo. Her specific area of interest combines nature, texture and all things pattern work. Cats is currently booking for March 2016.


Halley apprenticed in 2000 under her mother, Bonnie Parker, who was one of few female tattoo artists of her time. As a second generation tattoo artist with 15 years experience, Halley has tattooing in her heart and soul.

Her journeys have taken her from tattooing in the Amazonian jungle, to the urban landscapes of New York, Seattle, Portland, and now San Francisco.

Halley's transcendent art is derived from traditional textiles, art nouveau jewelry, embroidery patterns and folk art.
Spiritual concepts such as sacred geometry, mandalas and totem animals are her chosen subject matter.

Halley's intention with her craft nurtures a shamanic experience for clients seeking transformation, and those who wish to interpret their authentic self.


Houston is a well-known jack of all trades when it comes to the arts. He has established himself in many ways as an artist with his undaunted pen and ink illustrations, numerous graffitied walls, and the reputation that precedes almost a decade of tattooing.
Houston can be characterized by his ruthless drive and determination for the work that he creates and the life that he chooses to live. An unyielding force of relentless productivity and the embodiment of integrity, skill, and self, he continues to forge ahead as one of the leading artists of this age, taking you back to a time of darkened beauty seen within his lines.