Roxx is a pioneer of visual art, who's canvas is the human form.

Her inimitable blackwork, mark making, dotwork and geometric tattoo style is the culmination of a career spanning almost three decades, and six countries. Her organic geometry draws influence from indigenous, spiritual and tribal cultures, sacred patterns occurring in nature and science, and architectural forms.

Each piece begins manifesting upon meeting her client. Like a divine sixth sense, the tattoo evolves in her mind, she hones her work, adorning and completing her clients bodies; a visual representation of their inner warrior.


Cats' background in fine arts, along with her travels around the globe, inform her creative process, which pursues the points where the irregular beauty of nature intersects with mathematic rigidity resulting in geometric tattoos.

Her work pays homage to Victorian and Elizabethan textile, print and pattern, integrated with bold, ordered, mark making, appeasing her modern, illustrative sensibility.

Cats considers conversation and engagement with clients as waypoints along the journey of getting a tattoo. She works with a generosity of spirit, paying attention to the importance of divine detail in her design. Ultimately, her goal is to create unique and spiritual tattoo work, inspired by her clients, which adorn their bodies seamlessly.


Houston is a well-known jack of all trades when it comes to the arts. He has established himself in many ways as an artist with his undaunted pen and ink illustrations, numerous graffitied walls, and the reputation that precedes almost a decade of tattooing.
Houston can be characterized by his ruthless drive and determination for the work that he creates and the life that he chooses to live. An unyielding force of relentless productivity and the embodiment of integrity, skill, and self, he continues to forge ahead as one of the leading artists of this age, taking you back to a time of darkened beauty seen within his lines.


Lisa’s linework based art style has garnered her both awards and international acclaim. In addition to having almost a decade of tattooing under her belt, she also boasts an impressive background in Fine Art and Graphic Design. She holds the prestigious title of being the first official Art Director for Sub Pop records, where she designed Nirvana’s first records and their famous logo.